The following is a very rough and ready attempt to gather all of the interviews/debates/recorded public talks I’ve ever given. Please let me know if I’ve missed any!


Radio Islam - 24th April

Interview on Irish National radio's flagship science show - 21st April

Robinson Erhard - 21st April

Debate on whether taxation is theft with Michael Huemer, - 18th April

Matthew Adelstein is an incredible philosophy YouTuber who's doing incrredible stuff even though he's still an undergrad. We're talking here about whether fine-tuning supports a multiverse - 16th April

Heretics - 15th April

'Mornings with Simi' - 20th March

A few of our undergrads interviewed me in my office, which included reading out to me the worst things that have ever been said to me online - 16th March

My work was discussed on an episode of 'Philosophize this!' - 10th March

Beyond Belief - 4th March

Atwood Unleashed - 7th Feb

How the Light Gets in panel on Emergence

Brian Keating – 5th January


Converging Dialogues – 25th December

Conversation with Coleman, – 19th December

Theories of everything – 19th December

European Institute of Science in Management – 17th December

Podmasters, - 14th December

New books in philosophy,who%20provides%20it%20with%20one – 10th December

Discussion with Richard Swinburne on ‘Unbelievable’ – 8th December

Discussion about my argument with Sabine Hossenfelder – 3rd December

Michael Shermer show, 2nd December

Matthew Geleta, 30th November

Waking Cosmos, 16th November

Grok Science, 15th November

Closer to truth, 10th November

Carlos Farias, 8th November

Philip Pullman and I discuss ‘Why?’ – 9th November

Capturing Christianity – 7th November

‘Mornings with Simi’ – 7th November

Capturing Christianity, 7th November

The Philosophers’ Zone (Australian National Radio), 17th October

BBC Radio 3 ‘Free Thinking’ (with Daniel Dennett), 5th October

Sana Labs AI summit, July 10th

Parker’s Pensees with Jonathan Schaffer, June 18th

Philosophize This! June 1st,

Templeton, 25th May

My talk on psycho-physical harmony for Oxford Consciousness conference, 3rd May

Mind Fuckery, Oz podcast, 24th May

Fideas, 24th April

Cosmic Skeptic, 18th April

Internet Infidels, 18th April

De-Mystify Science, 30th March

With Lance Bush and Nathan, 14th March

Psychedelics talk, 6th March

Rich Roll, 6th March

Emerson Green (with Dustin Crummett), 15th Feb

Deliberation under ideal conditions, 7th Feb

How the light gets in interview, 4th Feb (from a few years ago)

Scientific and Medical Network, 4th Feb

Helsinki debate with Keith, Jan 14th


Debate in NY, 29th November

Capturing Christianity on fine-tuning, November 23rd

When belief dies, 3rd November

Weekend University, October 28th

Debate with Rupert Sheldrake and Paul Kingsnorth, 21st October

The Analytic Christian (with Brian Cutter)

Tevin Naidu, 11th August

Chasing Consciousness 1st August

Jay Martin, July 30th

Liverpool debate, 22nd July

Tony Nader 18th July

Capturing Christianity 8th June

Brian Keating 23rd May

Parker’s Pensees 20th May

Radio Islam 28th April

‘Do we still need philosophy?’ Panel discussion with Apr 16 Julian Baggini, Philip Goff, Peter Atkins and Güneş Taylor: April 16th

Philosophers take on the news, 1st April

Capturing Christianity 3rd March

Swedish podcast 2nd March

I appeared on 'Missing Links' on Dublin City FM, but there is no longer a recording. February 20th

Philosophers take on the news, 18th Feb

Old cosmopsychism talk on my website

How the Light Gets In solo talk, Feb 15th

Thought Economics interview

Lex Fridman February 3rd

Sacred tension January 25th

Chat with Josh Rasmussen January 18th


Bernardo Kastrup Reading Group 17th December:

James Cooke ‘Living Mirror’s December 15

Joe Rogan, November 24th

'Words on a Wire’ October 20th

‘Futures Podcast’ October

The wonder and mystery of being with John Steingard: 1st September

‘Does Knowledge Require Faith?’ This is a panel debate/discussion I had with Carlo Rovelli, Philip Goff, George Ellis and Shami Chakrabarti: August 2nd:

‘Moral Maze’ Moral Maze: 12th June:

Bold Conjectures: May

Irish radio show: 23rd April

Dagbladet Information? April 14th 2021

Digital Gnosis: April 8th

Through Conversations: 3rd April

Science of Origins: 11th March +conference:

Skeptics guide to the universe: 27th February

Understanding Uncertainty: Panel Discussion with Simon Blackburn and Renata Salecl: Feb 6th

Modern Wisdom: 21st January

Provocative Enlightenment: 14th Jan


Counter-Apologetics: December 17th

Plato’s cave: December 16

Tom Jump: 15th December

‘Astral Hustle’ 30th November 2020

Conversation with Ray Tallis for The Philosopher in Newcastle: November 19th

Conversation with Ray Tallis for The Philosopher in Newcastle: November 19th

Thou art that (Matt Segal) November 18

Michael Shermer: Science Salon: 9th November

Scientism and scientific progress, panel discussion with Henry Gee and Güneş Taylor Oct 17,

Schole ID: October 31st, Indonesian Philosophy Club

Third debate with Bernardo Kastrup, September 10th

Second debate with Bernardo Kastrup, August 27th

Science Line: 5th August 2020, short audio programme I featured on

Sacred Tension: 5th August

How the Light gets in solo talk: July 21st

John Horgan: 19th July

Out of the Vat: LSE podcast

First debate with Bernardo Kastrup: June 7th

Bulletproof Radio: 21st May

The Avid Reader show, 2nd May

Going Conscious: April 28th

Talk Nerdy: April 20th

The philosophy guy: April 8th

‘Enter the Labyrinth’ 8th April

Debate on Reason press, Feb 16

‘Connections’: KGNU: US radio show with phone in: 31st Jan

US science radio show: How on Earth: KGNU, 28th Jan

New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove: 17th January

Something you should know, 2nd January

The art of humanity, January


Third Eye Drops: 29th November

Panpsycast part II, 24th November

Panpsycast Part I, November 17th

Cool Science, KPCW, November 14th

Consciousness Live, 12th November

Philosophy Bites: 7th November

Grok Science, November 6th

‘Astral Hustle’ 4th November 2019

Unbelievable November 1st , with Sharon Dirckx

Premise podcast: 3rd October

Consciousness Live Discussion with Keith Frankish, September 13th

Unbelievable on religious fictionalism

Meta-Rising, 13th June

Skeptiko, May 7th

The Dissenter: 11th April


Nous, 14th December

Thales Well, September 14

Consciousness Live, July 25th

Debate at HLGI June 22nd, with Nick Hympthrey and Sue Blackmoor

The Psychology podcast, debate with Michael Shermer on God, Free Will, and Consciousness

Talk on ‘Consciousness and Fundamental Reality’ at Munich School of Philosophy’ January 23rd 2018


Debate with David Papineau Part III, September 10th

Debate with David Papineau Part II, September 3rd

Debate with David Papineau part I, August 27th

This is a talk defending cosmopsychism that I gave at Edinburgh University, March 30th


Debate on the Private Language Argument, 3rd March,


'How Come Consciousness?’ Philosophy Now podcast (with Tom McClelland), May 14th 2014

Arctic conference, 2014


Plenary talk at Tucson conference

Panel at Tucson conference


Munich interview I

Munich interview 2

Munich interview 3


I had a chat with David Papineau on ‘Philosophy TV’, but all of these videos have been taken down, so it’s lost forever…

The biggest questions, one of the earliest podcast interviews I did, put on YouTube 1st March 2023