Articles on Consciousness and AI

'The mystery of consciousness shows there may be a limit to what science alone can achieve,' The Conversation.

'Understanding Consciousness Goes Beyond Exploring Brain Chemistry' Scientific American.

'Consciousness: Why a leading theory has been branded 'pseudo-science,' The Conversation.

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'Does consciousness pervade the universe?' Interview in Scientific American

'A new place for consciousness in our understanding of the universe,' Scientific American, This is not written by me, but is largely based around essays from 'Is consciousness everywhere?', a special issue of Journal of Consciousness Studies containing essays by scientists and philosophers responding to my book Galileo's Error. This volume is coming out as a book in late 2022.

Review of 'Why? The Purpose of the Universe,' Popular Science This is not by me but is a five start review of my book.

'The foundations for a new science of consciousness,' Interview in Thought Economics.

My discussion with Philip Pullman, Literary Hub

'Galileo's Big Mistake: How the great experimentalist created the problem of consciousness', Scientific American.

'Panpsychism is crazy, but it's also most probably true,' Aeon Magazine

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'Public exchange of letters with Massimo Pigliucci,' Collate.

'There more to matter than what it does: How panpsychism solves the problem of consciousness,' Institute of Art and Ideas.

'Consciousness: How can I experience things that aren't real?' The Conversation.

'The rainforest is teeming with consciousness: Our fate turns on retiring our dualist view of nature,' Nautilus.

'The universe knows right from wrong,' Nautilus.

'Five films to explore the philosophy of artificial intelligence,' Penguin website.

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'Do electrons dream of electric sheep' (companion paper to 'Are electrons conscious?') ​The Forum

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