Why? The Purpose of the Universe

My new book Why? The Purpose of the Universe defends cosmic purpose in the absence of the traditional God. Here's a deep dive into some of the techy details on the excellent Majesty of Reason podcast.

The Fine-Tuning of Physics for Life

My new book Why? The Purpose of the Universe defends a middle way between God and atheism. The case is partly based on the fine-tuning of physics for life. Here cosmologist Luke Barnes and myself defend fine-tuning tuning arguments against a recent critique.

The Metaphysics of Mind

This is a debate/discussion with one of the most influential metaphysicians of contemporary philosophy, Jonathan Schaffer, on one of my favourite philosophy podcasts Parker’s Pensees.

Psycho-Physical Harmony debate

I love getting into the head of people I disagree with, and boy do I disagree with Lance Bush. I enjoyed watching him on a number of other podcasts before we got the chance to chat on the wonderful Digital Gnosis channel

Galileo's Error: Foundations for a New Science of Consciousness

This is a video of the launch event for my book, which was with family and friends in Durham Castle. I give a short talk, which sums up the 'big picture' themes of the book

Are there Objective Values?

I believe there are objective facts about value. Kane Baker is a philosopher who doesn't. Here we have a nice chat about it, and I put forward my argument for the reality of objective values. Warning: This one's a bit techy.

Consciousness and Fundamental Reality

This is a talk I gave in Munich in January 2018 concerning the main themes of my academic book Consciousness and Fundamental Reality.

Arguments against Materialism

This took a deep dive into the philosophical arguments against materialism from 30 mins in. Might be useful to philosophy students!

Consciousness Live! Discussion

Here's a two hour discussion I had with Richard Brown as part of 'Consciousness Live!'. This gets much more into the details of my academic work, mainly on my arguments against materialism.