Discussion with Philip Pullman

Philip Pullman, Nigel Warburton and I discussed life the purpose of existence to launch my book 'Why? at Blackwell's bookshop in Oxford.

Debate with Sean Carroll

This was a heated but good spirited debate on 'Is Consciousness Fundamental?' with the physicists Sean Carroll (I don't know why the thumbnail is wrong...).

Debate with Donald Hoffman

Donald Hoffman and I both think consciousness is fundamental, but differ on whether physical world is illusory. Here we have a friendly debate.

I was honoured to participate in the 2022 annual Royal Society of Philosophy debate, together with Anil Seth, Louise Antony, Maja Spener.

Royal Institute of Philosophy Debate

God & The Problem of Evil

Distinguished Christian philosopher Richard Swinburne reviewed by book 'Why? The Purpose of the Universe' for TLS. Here we debate our views.

Philip Pullman and I had a discussion on panpsychism to launch my book Galileo's Error.

Philip Pullman on Panpsychism

Does Knowledge Require Faith?

This is a panel debate/discussion I had with Carlo Rovelli, Philip Goff, George Ellis and Shami Chakrabarti.

AI Summit

This was a panel discussion of AI and consciousness, held in Stockholm and hosted by Sana Labs.

The Mystery of Consciousness

This was a debate/discussion I had in my home town of Liverpool with philosopher Laura Gow, neuroscientist Anil Seth, and former archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

Unravelling the Mind

This was a fantastic night debating to a packed audience in New York. Fellow panelists Rebecca Goldstein and Ned Block.

God or a Conscious Universe?

In this discussion with leading theologian Josh Rasmussen, I argue that a conscious universe is more likely than the traditional God. Josh is such an open-minded and interesting thinker. It was great to chat to him.

Does Consciousness Point to God?

This is a debate I had recently with Christian neuroscientist Sharon Dirckx (actually, we only debate God in the last 10 mins).